Played by Alex


Fearless Tiefling Fighter/Warlock, places himself in front of his fellows without being asked. Unfortunate son of a Highrock noble


In his desperate quest for station and recognition among the courts of haughty Highrock nobles, Dolos’ father Garrick, already well-to-do among the merchant class in Highrock’s capital, took every opportunity he could get to insert himself in the dealings of the noble families. Jealous of the clothes, the parties, the lifestyle, Garrick’s every waking moment soon became overwhelmed by his envy. With his judgement clouded, his business started to falter, and before long he plunged himself deep into debt with some particularly disreputable moneylenders.

Garrick eventually found himself abducted from the streets of the capital and thrown before the intimidating presence of his captor. The villain was seated behind an enormous desk piled high with documents written in various incomprehensible languages, his face cloaked by shadow but his eyes illuminated as if by a raging inferno. Though the man did not speak the common tongue, somehow Garrick could understand every word the man spoke and felt compelled to nod and agree with everything he said. Soon, a piece of parchment was placed before him, with a line at the bottom asking for his signature. A contract. He had no idea what was overcoming him, but Garrick’s arm raised as if possessed, already clutching a quill. With every letter of his name that he scrawled on the paper, he felt a sharp pain in the base of his skull. Once it was done, thugs picked up Garrick off the floor and hauled him away, a raucous laughter echoing from behind as Garrick slipped into unconsciousness.

Garrick awoke in a cold sweat, as if from a horrible nightmare, tucked into an overstuffed feather bed in a lavish mansion exactly as his imagination had detailed in his fantasies. He would go on to learn that apparently he had fallen ill and had been bed ridden for several days. He now had a gorgeous, noble-born wife, dozens of servants, and most interesting of all, a son. Garrick was horrified to learn upon investigating his son attending his daily fencing lessons that his own progeny was a twisted, deformed mutant, host to a pair of small horns upon his forehead, pale red skin, and a tail! He spurned the boy, scarcely believing that such a creature could be a product of his own loins, leaving him to mature in the company of his mother, his fencing instructor, his teacher Veor, and what friends Dolos made among the servants.

As Dolos grew older, he discovered with the help of Veor (an accomplished Wizard in his own right) that he was capable of manifesting magic, though it was wholly different from the elementary magics that Veor had learned in his scholarly pursuits. Veor became obsessed with the origin of this infernal magic, and pushed Dolos to become more and more confident with his spellcraft. Oblivious to what Veor and Dolos had been working on for several years at this point, Garrick in his paranoia decided to spy on them one day. As Dolos produced a gout of flame in his hands, Garrick witnessed the same fiery glow in Dolos’ eyes that he’d seen in that darkened room so many years ago. Immediately, Garrick outed the pair to the city guards and wanted them arrested. The guards burst into the mansion and held Veor and Dolos at spearpoint. Mistaking Dolos for a devil, one of the guards attempted to run him through, and a vicious fight broke out. Eventually, Dolos was able to escape the city with a few of his belongings, and joined up with a band of roving adventurers called The Ravens, hoping to put his skills to use and make some coin of his own.


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