Amendia Flameweaver

Lady of The Silver Tower


The half-elven wife of Nigon, she runs the silver tower, an accomplished enchantress she has created countless magic items to aid the budding adventurer market. However she is often overshadowed by her husband, and many of her incredible accomplishments have been mistakenly credited to Nigon. Despite this she is an incredibly powerful mage, quite possibly one of the strongest in existence. Her and Nigon’s combined power is so immense, that they are outright feared by the conclave.

Contrary to the popular perception that Nigon is the head wizard of the silver tower, it’s actually Amendia that owns the tower, having commissioned it’s construction years ago when she fled the Conclave. In fact, the Silver Tower is a separate entity all together from the government of Azrune, and operates according to its own rules.


Amendia Flameweaver

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