The Warlocks Grave

Tipped off by a shady old militiaman about an ancient grave-site in the south wood. The party kidnapped the guard and set about dragging him to the location.

After finding the location to be real, the party proceeded to enter the crypt after solving a few magical locks on the way. The guard managed to slip away in the chaos, likely never to be seen again, but only after Harlan shot him as he fled.

Despite this, the party was able to gain entry to the burial room, and through sheer dumb luck, pick the locks on the chests within despite not having a rogue, and even find access to a hidden chamber with even more coin.

Hauling bags upon bags of gold coins away from the site, the party reveled in their new found fortunes, after all… Nothing bad ever came from stealing from the grave of an ancient dead warlock right?

Din Frostfire



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