Maybe You Can Help. Part 2

Annastasha asked the party to deliver a hulking bag of mana crystal dust to her old hermit friend, in exchange for an old magical music box the hermit owned. The party agreed on the premise that anna would enchant a item for each of them.

After a long journey north into the wall, the party arrived at the hermit’s cave. Their innital meeting was with a scrawny old naked human male, wielding a music box and shrieking at them. Dolos managed to command him to halt before the party was set upon by the actual hermit, a twilight aged red dragon by the name of Zemross In the ensuing chaos the crazed man barely got away, almost having been stopped dead at the doorway by Dolos, and Zemross claimed the parties donkey (periwinkle) and the bag of dust, then ordered the party to retrieve his box.

Much to his surprise the parties ranger Harlen, decided to argue with the dragon, demanding the return of the donkey, and payment for the parties assistance in dealing with a situation he himself obviously could not or he would have done so already. Zemross found the interaction with the little creatures entertaining, and knowing he could not fit into the annoying humans cave, agreed to pay the party for their services, even returning the donkey.

After enduring a multitude of crudely constructed traps, and having to listen to an annoying litany of lunacy spewed by the old man. The party eventually cornered him, and in a climactic and incredible turn of events, managed to push a mine cart down a track, with a crude effigy crafted by Pate, which would be accidentally lit on fire, and then used by Dolos to project his voice in such a frightening manner the old man fell from his ‘wizard tower’ of crates and broke his neck. Much to the shock and delight of the entire party.

With the dragon paid, the box secured, and their gold strapped to their backs and periwinkle (poor donkey, that was more gold than he should have had to carry) the party returned to Anna, only to be met with trinkets instead of her actual promise of payment.

Din Frostfire



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