Maybe You Can Help. Part 1

After discovering the orb in the magegate, and showing it to Nigon, he became visibly concerned about it. And decided he needed to have a specialist in ley energy look at it. The best mind for the job was Annastasha Tremith whom Nigon seemed to be uncomfortable with having to speak too. Instead he asked the party to go in his place, indicating her tower was located in the deep old wood south of beaton. They agreed and he marked it on the parties map, and teleport-ed them back to the ravens camp.

After a long travel south, the party located Anna’s tower, and was able to make contact with her, she seemed un interested in helping the party until they mentioned Nigon. She asked for the party to perform mundane tasks, of which the party only performed one before growing wise to her using them. Din specifically butted heads with Anna, eventually convincing her to tell them what they wanted to know.

The orb itself is a ‘ley orb’ part of a larger ‘ley weapon’ of some sort, Anna did not seem to know the specifics, but indicated there is typically a staff associated with this sort of artifact, and that either item could be extremely dangerous in the wrong hands. She seemed saddened the players would not be duped into handling her busy work any longer.

She asked the party for additional help, this time seemingly more sincere with her tasks and promising rewards, which they tentatively accepted for a later date if they find the time.

Din Frostfire



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