The Ravens

The Ravens are currently camped outside of the city of Darwash in The Kingdom of Highrock.

=The Ravens, Adventurer Band=
The band is led by the half-elf twins Rin & Teek. Anyone of any race, gender, religion, or alignment may join provided they follow the rules as long as they are part of the band. Both Rin and Teek try to remain as neutral as possible and do not discriminate at all. However the band does not accept unlawful tasks, and does not involve itself in wars or
political squabbles (Unless necessary). The band travels from town to town, region to region, hiring out to preform adventures to clear out monsters, rescue people, investigate things, or even to defend against raiders or help merchants.

The band will often move to a region rife with troubles, and encamp there, sometimes they will stay in inn’s, but mostly they will camp in a uninhabited area close to a town and operate from there. They take care not to leave a large impact on the local flora and fauna. After all the profitable work has been used up, the band will move on.

Contracts are filed with the locals by teek, and upon completion the band collects the reward, 20% of the reward goes to the bands coffers, the remainder is split amungst the the party that completed the task. Any and all items found during the mission are
the sole property of the person that found it. Inter-band conflict is frowned upon and excessive ammounts of force against a fellow bandmember will result in expulsion.

The money generated by the missions alows the band to offer items at a reduced price, basic potions, items, and equipment, spells and services, are 20%-40% cheaper from any camp service. Not all services are avalible in camp, and more advanced items are not available at all.

The Ravens

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