The Kingdom of Azrune

National Alignment: Lawful Good
Government: Monarchy
Major Races: Humans, Half-Elves
Short Background: Former western part of the great empire, mostly sustained through the sundering, now a land of knights and honor. Primarily a human nation, Azrune is renown for their highly disciplined and professional infantry and for their powerful heavy cavalry. The nation is also a popular destination for refugee’s seeking shelter from the chaos of the rest of the western nations. Azrunians enjoy a large amount of personal freedom and the nation enjoys a very large “middle class” base of peasantry. The nation exalts loyalty to the crown and personal honor as virtues.

Notable Cities, Castles, and Towns:
Castle Skyrock

Notable Guilds, Organizations, and Groups
Order of the White Shields
The Silver Tower
Nalmins Rangers

Notable Locations and Places
Southern Great Wood
The Wall

The Kingdom of Azrune

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